Imperfection and community creation

Most recent update: 22nd August 2020 - 14:57:19 - 1266 characters

In rewatching How Dreams Became a YouTube for Everything I realized a key ingredient in creative tooling for a productive community - the inability to achieve perfection. Akin to Zeno's paradox if you knowingly can't incrementally march towards perfection you won't try.

Dreams has coarse sculpting tools where the pain to get it to perfection is thoroughly outweighed by instead performing a "good enough" sketch. The Dreamverse they create is known to have a sketch like quality to it, allowing imperfections to exist without being seen as flaws.

Twitter limits the length of tweets to only a few hundred characters. Ideas and arguments must be compressed down to a single tweet or (as tweets are referenced individually rather than as a collection) coherently broken up between tweets.

Twitter is (mostly) understood to be an imperfect capture of intention and content with certain blanks needing to be filled or clarified along the way. Twitter is the long form format for a memetic version of Codenames.

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